Child Need a Tutor

Elise Griffith, author of EVERY CHILD IS A GENIUS observed: “Every

parent occasionally discovers a child’s problem doesn’t are most often improving

as quickly or easily as was hoped. It’s also common for a teacher to exert a

bit of pressure in the event the child’s dilemma is perceived as disruptive for the flow of

classroom activity. The bottom line is that sometimes- regardless of what we’ve

tried- our youngsters hit a wall with learning. It might be a standard developmental

phase or it would indicate a far more serious situation. When should we call a


As you research your child’s situation, evaluate the following strategies:

First, try to look for the source of one’s child’s learning problems. Some of the

common points that may require the expertise of a tutor include reading

deficiencies, difficulty with basic math and science concepts, or inability to

compose and write papers. According to Griffith, “once the textbooks don’t

appear to get unusually dull, the educational approach works together with your child’s

learning style, the classroom is well managed, as well as your child has lots of free

time yet his problems persist, involve your pediatrician. He can remove illness,

allergy, and vision or hearing difficulties and can help pinpoint whether you’re

dealing which has a learning disability.”

Second, select the right tutor. Vicki Poretta, author of MOM’S GUIDE TO

RAISING A GOOD STUDENT concluded: “Choosing the correct tutor for your

child isn’t only a matter of finding someone knowledgeable inside subject. A good

tutor not just knows his ‘stuff,’ but can be able to communicate effectively with

your little one. But a great tutor does not have a degree in education or, be also a

college graduate. Some of the most effective tutors are peers. In some schools,

honor society members give you a tutoring service; other districts keep a list of

student volunteers tutors. Other possible reasons for tutors include retired teachers

inside the community and local pupils.” Arroyo Verde Elementary School

in Redlands provides student support through community volunteers. Community

volunteers serves as tutors within the classroom and by having a home visit program.

Third, interview the tutor and find references. Arrange interviews with

the potential tutor at home. Treat the job interview like any other job interview

Don’t forget to inquire about the following questions:

What are a few examples of her tutoring experience?

Has she taught children that are the same age when your child?

Does she have a very list of references?

Does she use new technology in the tutoring?

Will she teach your son or daughter successful study skills?

Is her teaching style compatible with your son or daughter?

Will your youngster enjoy dealing with her?

Will she coordinate her tutoring activities with your youngster’s teacher?

Fourth, put in place a schedule together with the tutor. Work with your youngster and the tutor

to schedule a suitable time for every session- after school, after dinner, Saturday

morning. Don’t schedule the sessions during your kids’s favorite playtime.

The factor to successful tutoring is scheduling a consistent time and day ach week for

the tutoring session.

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